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We try to race without them. The races over the past months show that [THR] racers know how to handle the car and how to deal with the oponents on track.

This includes:

  • You have to stay out of other racers racing line. Especially when you are slower.
  • When you are able to race on the same level then the other racers, then you have to give them space and try to avoid bumping them out of the way. Take care of the cars around you.
  • The racer who has made a mistake and tries to get back on track must always take care of the cars approaching to his position. An unsafe entry to the racing line must always be prevented.

Only rule so far:
Intentional and rude behavoiur will not be tolerated and lead to an complete server and discord ban.

Examples for rude behaviour:

If we realize that further rules are necessary, then we will implement them.

Remember always:
If you want to finish first, you have to finish first!