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THR will race 6 races of 10 mins each, over Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th.

This is an Open championship with booking:


Saturday: Q > R > R > Q >R > R

Sunday: Q > R > R > Q > R > R



Full standings

Check for all future championships and events.

In the 20:00 UTC next weekend support championship we will race the Touring car legends 70s cars for 10 races over 20 weeks, on the same tracks as the main 20:00 UTC 1500cc GP championship.

On Wednesdays at 19:00 UTC we will race a separate shorter championship, more information can be found here.

Thank you all for racing we hope to see you all at future events.
Good Racing and have fun!


Sign ups are now open for the legends championship, there will be four rounds of two, fifteen minute races, every Wednesday starting 20/05/2020. This will not use the normal booking system, you will be required to sign up using the sign up form below


20/05/2020 Cadwell Park
27/05/2020 Vallelunga Club
3/06/2020 Joesville Speedway
10/06/2020 Modena Fast


16 places available initially but more will be opened up if necessary


Good racing, and have fun!

The grand finale of the touring cars is this weekend, book now for your spot in the big race!
The championship has been close, in all classes, and this is the decider, will you come out on top?

Remember, your worst 2 races will be removed before the final points are announced.

Standings are here:

Try not to end up in the scenery, its the fast, flowing Belgian track.
Spa Francorchamps 1934!

Standings are here:

Good Racing and have fun!

Technoluddite´s race images


Technoluddite´s race images

21:00 UTC, Friday, On the Practice server, No booking
21:00 UTC, Saturday, Practice race, On the race server, Booking
21:00 UTC, Sunday, Points race, On the race server, Booking

Please stay in the same classes as you picked for the first race, but feel free to change cars within that class.

Class 1: Mustang, 2000GT, Healey
Class 2: Everything else from the 60s pack

If you cant remember, I put them below 🙂

Duderei         1
Technoluddite   1
vegaguy         1
Ether           1
pitman          1
octavio67       1
MonSpaNur       1
Franglais       1

Ted Hough       2
Nat_Stevenson   2
Willian         2
Harry           2
Simon Meisinger 2
dalbi14         2
JirkaS          2
Bo Stamper      2
kuanza          2
klopstick       2


Practice server

Race server

All mods are on this site.

Good racing and have fun!

Get your USA hat on, this Fridays fun race is something a little different.
Classic Indy car racing at Aosta oval!

Good racing and have fun!

An easier track than last week, this will be very competitive!


Ted´s track guide

Good racing and have fun!

THR Goes around Europe with the TCL mod from Bazza, Racing at many exiting circuits.

The championship will run for six weeks, drivers will contest the championship on tracks throughout Europe. Travelling from Great Britain, to France and Macedonia, finally heading north to Sweden and Finland.

Brands hatch indy 20-03-07
Cadwell Park 20-03-14
Mas du clos 20-03-21
Kicevo 20-03-28
Knutstorp 20-04-04
Horsma club 20-04-11

TCL 60s pack

Class 1
- Austin Healey 3000, Ford Mustang, Toyota 2000GT

Class 2 - Lotus Cortina, Ford Fairlane, Hillman Imp, Jaguar mkII, MG-A, Mini Cooper

Both classes will qualify and race together, the only separation will be on the points table.

AC Server

Sure to be an exiting championship.
Good racing and have fun!

February Saturday 29th 2020
THR goes to Feldbergring for a night of racing, it will be a 20m practice followed by a 60m race.
Classes differ only on the points table, everyone qualifys, starts and races together.

Class 1 - Austin Healey 3000, Ford Mustang, Toyota 2000GT

Class 2 - Lotus Cortina, Ford Fairlane, Hillman Imp, Jaguar mkII, MG-A, Mini Cooper

TC 60's pack 

This is a warm up, in the coming weeks we will race a touring car championship, remember to check for all updates

Good racing and have fun!