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After two hard fought and great races in Kyalami, we will race in Monaco for the next two weeks.

The touring cars and racing cars are loaded onto the trucks and will hopefully arrive in Monaco in time.

Let's find out if the big cars, or the small ones find their way around Monaco better.

What a blast! Yesterday we started our GPL Throwback Championship.
21 drivers got into their cars unfastened 😉 and drove for the first championship points.

We had many position fights during both races. But the Eagles were to fast.
Mac won both races with ease, followed by Michal Janak and Nat Stevenson.

A great start into the championship.

The detailed results can be found here:

Congrats to finishers!

And many thanks to every participant. Like in the TCL championship, it was a pleasure to have you on track!

Race 1

Mac Shepherd
Michal Janak
Nat Stevenson

Detailed Results

Live stream from race ONE:

Race 2

Mac Shepherd
Nat Stevenson
Michal Janak

Detailed Results

Live stream from race TWO:

For more information to the Championship follow this link:

After the successful start of the TCL series, we will start the Grand Prix Legends Championship on next weekend.

In this championship we travel back in time and race a complete season like it was in the 60's. We will race on 11 iconic tracks that were feared in the past.

The Grand Prix Legends Mod was the reason why I started this community back in December 2018.
Therefore I hope that we will have as many participants as in the TCL championship.

The GPLs are different to drive, but the idea is to learn the track with the TCLs and to race them one week later with the GPLs.

Try them, fall in love with them and compete against your community members.

Follow this link to register your slot!

On last weekend we had 24 racers on track, to start the first races of our 70s TCL Championship. We had so many close battles and it was a lot of fun.

The detailed results can be found here:

Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of Class A and Class B.

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!

Race 1 - Class A

Mac Shepherd
Nat Stevenson

Race 1 - Class B

Nik Likar

Detailed Results

Live stream from race ONE:

Race 2 - Class A

Mac Sheperd
Michal Janak

Race 2 - Class B

Stavros Koudounas
Nik Likar

Detailed Results

Live stream from race TWO:

For more information to the Championship follow this link:

On the upcoming two weekends we start our next two [THR] championships.

On alternating weekends we will race the 70s cars from the Touring Car Legends Mod and the "cigars" from the Grand Prix Legends Mod.

Both championships will be held on the same 11 tracks, which offers the possibility to learn the tracks with the slower cars and to master them one week later.

To participate you have to register your slot.

Detailed information on both championships can be found here:

Congratulations to Waffles who won his first THR championship.

Only in the last race on Norisring he was not able to end the race on P1.
But all over all he and his BMW M1 were the best combination in our 3 week DRM cup.

In todays last race technical issues played a great role.
Pitman racing on P2 had a disconnect in lap 6 and Valentin had a problem with his shifter while being on P1.

In the End Duderei won the race, in front of Waffles and Muesli.

Congratulations to all finishers.

The DRM cup was a pleasure!

According to feedback from the drivers, most of them would be happy about another championship with the DRM cars.

Eventually we will set up a championship, which will be driven on Friday evening.

Congratulations to Waffles who was outstandingly fast at the Salzburgring.
He won the race in front of Konstantin Koval and Valentin Knechtel.

Also congratulations to Matias Estrela, who finished on P4 with the Class 2 BMW 320i.

That was a great exhausting race. The DRM Mod cars offer a lot of fun.

See you next week at the final weekend of our short 3 Week-DRM-Championship, which take place at the Norisring.

Detailed results can be seen on the Championship Page:

And on Simresults:

And the livestream of the race can be found here:

There are three weeks left until we start the long awaited TCL and GPL championships.

We decided to fill this time with a short DRM Mod Cup at THR.

If you are interested, you can read the detailed information here:

Last week we had an experiment on Sergio Loros Islip Oval.
The track is very very short and the race felt a little crazy.

Nat was the fastet racer on track and won the race.
Detailed results can be found here:

During the last two weekends we have tested modern vehicles to see which of them could fit to [THR].

We had interesting races, but the spark didn't really want to fly.

We will discuss in the Discord whether we will drive modern cars in [THR] in the future.

But for now we are going back to the old stuff.